Thursday, April 3, 2014

So very tired...but it was so very worth it!

For the past few months I have been MIA. I have taken on the job as treasurer of the band boosters...not realizing it was the equivalent of a second AND third full time job. I have spent hours dealing with our accounts - making deposits after football games, dealing with fundraiser after fundraiser for our trip, planning this, doing that. It all makes for a very tired me. I now get to take a small break in the fundraising.

Last week we took our trip to Disney. The kids marched in a parade at the Magic Kingdom. It was amazing. They were (of course) the best band. They played Evil Ways and Eye of the Tiger. They marched all the way up Mainstreet, in front of Cinderella's castle and back into Frontier Land. They got to see what few people see - Backstage Disney. There were about 5 of us crazy moms that watched them come up Mainstreet and (as soon as they passed) went running through the crowd to catch them again in Frontier Land. Yes, running. Me. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't run. Ever. But I did - to see my babies a second time. Yes...all 94 kids are my babies. That night (Friday) we didn't get back to the hotel until after 1 AM...then we had a room full of hungry kids. Yes, at 2 AM we were cooking Ramen Noodles.

We had a blast - we had a group of anywhere from 5 to 7 kids hanging with us at all times. And ALL were shocked that Linda (my parter in SO many crimes...) and I were willing to ride ANYTHING. Tower of Terror? Rode it 3 times. Tried for 4, but it had technical issues. Aerosmith Rock and Roller Coaster? Rode it twice. Keeping up with the kids was work - over 20,000 steps a day, 4 days in a row. I'm still sore. I have blisters on my pinkie toes. Worth it? Yes.

We spent Thursday at Hollywood Studios, Friday at Magic Kingdom, Saturday at Epcot and Sunday at Animal Kingdom. We left Animal Kingdom Sunday afternoon and drove all night, arriving home Monday morning around 4. It was a long drive - not a lot of sleep. We had a stomach bug going around one of the busses...glad it wasn't mine. I had my own issues - a kidney stone hit me Sunday morning. That doesn't exactly make for a pleasant day at the park. It passed on the bus trip home.

We had 94 kids and 57 chaperones. You would think that with that many chaperones we could maybe take turns doing bed checks. Apparently, the other chaperones thought Linda and I could handle it. Oh well. We only had problems with 2 kids, and those were nipped in the bud. Over all, it was a successful trip. Several kids took advantage of all the fundraising opportunities and didn't have to pay a dime out of pocket for the trip. That makes all the pre-work worth while.

As soon as I can figure out what's going on with Blogger, I'll post some pictures. Right now it just won't.