Sunday, September 26, 2010

So. My Fabulous weekend with Mom!

First - an update on the dresses. Well. They did arrive. In time for me to try them on and see that they looked like shit. So. I bought a skirt a few weeks ago... and I found a shirt that did just fine. All worked out ok...I'm returning the 2 dresses. And returning the shawl and clutch that I ordered to go with the dresses that DID NOT arrive on time.

First, let me say that traveling with my mom is a blast. She is always up for a road trip. She packed a cooler of drinks (non-alcoholic, of course), snacks, etc, because the place we were going was so far out in the country, she was afraid that the Wal-Mart would close at 9 and we wouldn't be able to find anywhere to get snacks. There were 2 hotels in this 'town'. The closest we could get to the actual site of the wedding was 30 minutes away.

We drove down Friday afternoon, checked in, drove 30 minutes back the way we came to find a decent restaurant. Then we went back to the hotel and relaxed all night and the next morning. She stayed in the room, I went to the pool. Which was empty, except for me. Score!!!

Went to the wedding. It's so far out in the country that mapquest and Mom's GPS let us down. It's a good thing we left the hotel early and remembered to bring the map that was included in the invitation. Always remember the homemade map. It won't direct you to the middle of nowhere and tell you that the barn you are looking at is the church!!!

The wedding was very simple. These kids are 27. They have been together since they were 16. It was sweet. He cried. She cried. His brother cried. Everyone cried when she lit the candle in honor of her sister that died 3 years ago.

The reception was at her grandparent's farm. Again, very simple. Tables outside, tents with food and drinks and dancing. Lights and paper lanterns, candles in jars hanging from trees. We saw people that we haven't seen in years. People that we dearly loved. People that I still dearly love, even if I can't see them often.

All in all, a fabulous trip.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am going to a wedding this weekend. It's in Mississippi and Mom and I are making it a girl's weekend. We are leaving Friday around noon and won't be back until Sunday. It will be awesome!

It has been YEARS since I've worn a dress. It isn't required for work or church. So, I don't have any in my closet. A few weeks ago I started looking. I found a shirt/skirt combo that would do in a pinch - they are both black, so to me it doesn't really say 'wedding'. But I also found 2 dresses online that I ordered. But I don't know how they look, since I haven't tried them on.

I order things online a lot. I track the packages religiously. Well, as soon as the dresses were shipped, I started tracking. They were shipped via UPS. I was home all day yesterday (Evan was sick). I tracked. Got the glorious status: Out for delivery!!!!! I waited. And I waited. Around 7PM I checked the status. Delivered to the Post Office. Are you kidding me??? I was home all freaking day. Never a knock on the door. So now, I have to wait and see if the Post Office delivers it today. I just hope they decide to leave it...and not wait for a signature. Because I won't be there today. And then I'll have to make a special trip to the Post Office - and it closes at 5. So, not convenient in any way. And the departure time draws closer and closer.

But here is what bothers me... It was to be delivered by UPS, but they leave it for the USPS to do??? When did that crap start?


Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm Back!

Well, I've been out of the loop a while. The past two weeks I've been at home. It was awesome! But I didn't really feel like getting on the computer much.

About a month ago, my sister-in-law and I got together to have the kids' pics made. I was introduced to an AWESOME photographer that I now adore - this was our first photoshoot with her, but it will not be our last. We do this every 2 years as a present for our Mother-in-law, but I usually take the pictures. There is NOTHING she loves more than her grandkids and pictures of them are always the best present. Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

The next 2 photos show a pose we do every time - shows how much they have grown. The first one is the latest, the second one is the first.

Evan - 11, Anna - 8
Evan - 5; Anna - 2