Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm a happy nerd!

Saw this Saturday at the bookstore - Evan and I were thrilled!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Thank God for Grandparents!

Yesterday I got a call that every parent dreads. I knew when I saw the phone number it wouldn't be good. Evan's principal. Apparently, he tripped over his own over-grown feet and fell FACE FIRST into some asphalt at PE.

Of course, I carpooled yesterday. My parents are out of town, so I called my Mother In Law. She was a nervous wreck, but she picked him up and met me at the ER (a friend from work took me). Nothing is broken, CT was fine. However, he did get 4 stitches in his eyebrow.  This was our first trip to the ER with Evan and he handled it like a champ. His Uncle Chris is a teacher @ his school and heard the gossip from some of his ball players. The told him that Evan got 'mad man points' because he didn't even start to tear up...if this had been me, I would have been ALL tears!

Since I had to wake him every 2 hrs (checking for head injury), he's still in bed and I'm working from home. I'm so grateful to have help when I need it! Without my MIL, I would have been lost yesterday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Wow. It has been a while since I posted. It has been crazy busy around our house and I have just let this slide. Football season was a seemingly unending adventure. We had something every single Friday night as well as several Saturdays. And let me tell you - working a consession stand on Friday nights will wear you out for the rest of the weekend. But, I'll do it all again next season because all that work translates into money for the band. And as wonderful as the band has been for Evan, I'll do whatever they need. Which brings me to this weekend. This weekend we have a Queen of Hearts pageant for the middle school girls. 34 girls - grades 6 thru 8. It's a pretty good fundraiser for us, but man, is it work. Last weekend I spent all day Saturday making sure the band room was clean because that is the staging area for the girls. This weekend, I'll spend Friday night cleaning the classroom we will use for a hospitality room for the parents/kids that will be working the pageant. Saturday, I'll be running the hospitality room. Mom and I are cooking so the workers will actually have some protien and not be running on a cookie/cake/chip high.

What shocked me about this pageant is Evan. Yeah, I'm requiring him to work it. But he's doing it with a smile. Last weekend he helped with the stage artwork. I've scratched out a face and a shirt... I don't know those people that well, so I don't want to put anything identifiable... anyway... Evan helped sketch the poster and even directed the older kids on how to draw what they wanted. He spent his whole Saturday working on this and went back after school Monday to help finish.
But for the night of the pageant he is going to usher - get the ticket holders to their seats. And this is how he MAY look...with an adjustment to the tie. And possibly a smile.  He has another suit and I picked up a bow tie today (black with red guitars) so he may wear that... but I'm not sure. I'll leave it up to him. I'm just glad he's vountarily dressing in a suit.

PS - today is our 20 year anniversary. And we are still alive. And not in jail.