Saturday, December 5, 2009

A WTF moment...

Last night we celebrated Evan's 11th birthday. The actual date was during the week of Thanksgiving, but everyone is usually really busy that weekend, so we postponed. We had a total of 5 boys running around here - 10 and 11 year olds. They played hide and seek in the dark. Played the Wii, Playstation, Nintendo DS and SuperNintendo. We ordered pizza, rented a movie and had a giant cookie. All in all, it was a good night.

The boys were up until 1, I was up until 2. The kids had heard that there MIGHT be one of the little monsters set his cell phone alarm for 6:30 AM. That's right. 6:30. Sure enough, there was snow. Just enough for 5 determined boys to have a snowball fight. Guess who the first victim was... Me, the innocent photographer!

While they were having fun (4 of them wearing MY gloves) I went inside, made hot chocolate and waited for them to destroy every patch of snow they could find. There wasn't much on the ground...mostly on cars, bushes, our grill... But it was enough. Around 10:30 the moms started coming around to get the kids. Except for 1. It is now 2:30 and I still have one.

WTF? Both parents have called and talked to the child. Neither has talked to me. So I have no idea what their intentions are! Are they coming? Or am I going to have him another night?

Not to sound pitiful, but I am tired. I still don't have ALL of my energy back. I had planned on watching the SEC championship and sleeping all afternoon. But Evan is still having a good time, so I hate to call and ruin his fun.

Oh, and have I mentioned that Mike has gone to a friends house to watch the game? And was in bed last night around 8? Did I mention that shit?

Edited @ 2:48 PM - His mom just called - she's on her way. Dad was supposed to pick him up earlier, and didn't. She just got off work. Great.

Updated on Monday. After I had time to recover. Get this. I had one mom that called her son on his cell phone, had him gather his stuff and meet her by the street. Couldn't even come to the door for him. How rude is that??? I know my driveway is a bitch, but come on.

Next time we do this, I will make it very clear from the beginning. Kids to be picked up by 11. Good grief.


  1. Boy did you have your hands full. Loved the wake-up call for snow. Hate it for last strag a long. :(

  2. I am the mom that would be calling the other mom to ask when they would be here. I would just make up something, like we have to go buy groceries, or we need to go Christmas shopping, or something! That way they would know that I was ready for them to come get their kid. I am very blunt, though. Many people don't like me for this very reason.

  3. So what was the final? What time did they finally make it? Sounds like you missed the game or not?

    I think that would happen to me ONE time and ONE time only. I bet you feel the same.

  4. We got snow too! But we were out playing in it at midnight. LOL

    Yea I would have called the mom. And what a shithead she was for not calling to tell you when she was coming.

  5. She called @ 2:45 to tell me she was on her way. Her ex was supposed to pick him up earlier...and didn't. She had been at work. She finally got there @ 3:45. I didn't miss the game - but I would have enjoyed a nap before it started!

  6. I feel you, EVERY birthday for the boys they get to have 4 friends for a sleepover. I had one "friend" leave her son the entire weekend and others show up around 5 or so having gone to a movie or shopping, etc. AFTER I had spent the NIGHT before up until 4 a.m. with them playing video games and hide and seek, etc., etc. and THEN they get up at 8:00 a.m. - for the LOVE. So I would get up and make them a HUGE breakfast and then try to coral them ALL day anxiously awaiting some quiet time and IF I was lucky a nap. I NEVER thought I had to SPELL it out for people but after doing this for years, finally I started telling people to pick them UP by 11:00 a.m. because we had plans! Yeesh - SOME people you are right - WTF?? 4 - 5 boys is TORTURE the entire weekend!