Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dude, where's my money?

Long ago, in the dark ages, there was a girl who was a band geek. Ok, it was me. I loved being in the band, despite the social stigma. Ok, the stigma really wasn't bad for me, but it was for a lot of people. It never stopped me from dating or having friends outside the band, but the stereotypical band geeks had a hard time socializing. We worked hard all summer to perfect our half-time show. We competed in marching competitions. When that was over, we practiced for hours on symphonic band - we also competed with that. And once a year, we took a trip to compete somewhere out of state. One year it was Panama City Beach, FL. One year Chattanooga, TN. And we paid dearly for these trips. We did fundraiser after fundraiser. Washed cars, sold doughnuts, sold wrapping paper. We worked. And all profits went to offset the cost of the trip. And whatever we didn't raise, we (or our parents) paid. But we worked so hard, that the costs to our families were minimal.

Fastforward to today. I work for a pretty large company. We have an electronic 'bulletin board'. Glamour Girl knows what I'm talking about. It's a pretty neat tool. If you lose something, a ring, a watch, earring, whatever, you can put up a little post and hopefully someone will find it and return it. If you are having to do a school/scout fundraiser, just post it out there and interested people will make a purchase. If you are participating in a marathon to raise money for whatever cause is near and dear, post it and people will donate.

Today I was picking through it and found a post that just pissed me off. This is not a rant against social programs - believe me, I know those are needed. So don't twist what I'm about to say into me being 'anti-helping people out'. I believe in working for what you want. So when I came across a post asking for donations to fund a student's $6,500 trip to Europe (Spain, France, Italy) I was shocked. When did students start asking total strangers to just donate cash? Is this the norm? He may have participated in fundraisers, but that was not mentioned. Just a straight out request for cash.

I honestly believe that kids who are given everything lose the ability and will to work for things on their own. What is he learning if people just hand him cash in exchange for nothing?


  1. I agree! My grandchildren were kinda spoiled from me. But when it came to my granddaughter getting Christmas money and Birthday money, we went to the mall and she counted what she had and then went for the sales. And I LMAO because she would look at a top or pair of shoes and say "Oh...that cost's to much" but if Grama said "It's your birthday get this and get that." Well money was NO OBJECT and she bought without flinching. Kids need to respect the value of a dollar.

  2. I totally agree with you. I am already starting with Jay to make sure that he does stuff for himself and is not handed life to him. Those kids that are given everything know NOTHING about work ethic. I know because I work with a lot of them. I DO NOT want my child to be one of those...and yes, that is rude for someone to flat out ask for cash. I wouldn't give them a penny!

  3. WTF. Really?

    Surely no one will give money to that 'cause'? This is bizarre Lisa.

  4. Since I am a smart-butt ~ I would HAVE to put up on the electronic board ~~~ I need $110.00 to pay my power bill this month. Please forward your money to XYZ......

    I won't even start to thihk about kids now days (it makes me too mad). 3 yrs ago, on a business trip, I sat on a plane, on the tarmack (SP?) for over an hour!! Coming to find out ~ We were waiting on a group of high school kids from the most elite part of my city. They had missed their connection somewhere in Europe ~ Poor Babies!! When they clamored LOUDLY and GIGGLING onto the very quite, glaring airplane things got interesting. They giggled and talked up and down the aisles, basically being teen-agers ~ FINALLY!!! after 20 minutes!!! (and the plane STILL NOT MOVING) A young woman, not much older than the students, said, "Okay, let's all take our seats and quite down." FROM THE BACK of the plane came the loudest, most booming base I have ever heard, "If you are smart ~ you will listen to your teacher." That was the last sound we heard. That was the most quite flight I ever taken. I WAS LIVID that we had to wait on the spoiled brats! (We arrived home at midnight! Almost 2 hours late ~ and had to go to work the next day!!!) I can ASSURE YOU somebodies Daddy knew somebody that made dang sure that flight sat there ~ all other passengers be damned.......

    Where I grew up we were lucky if all of us cramed into someone's sad little Pinto and went to the mall ~ EUROPE!!! Get yourself out of my face ~ AND OFF MY FLIGHT~~~

    As I said, you don't want me to get started... (SMILE)