Monday, May 3, 2010

Apparently, insanity is catching

Our house is a Noah's Ark of sorts. We don't let our animals breed (I believe in spaying and neutering) but they seem to keep coming. Currently, we have Choc (a chihuahua), Daphne and Aflac (cats) and Halfa (a bird). Not once have we said "Hey, let's go get an animal. Because we need something to clean up after and feed." But someone calls with a story about an animal that needs a home. Or we see a neighbor's cat that we think isn't being fed. Or a bird just flies out of nowhere and lands on Mike's shoulder - I wish I was kidding.

We've had quite the year and Evan has born quite a bit of the brunt of it. Unintentionally, but still. He has had it pretty rough and has felt very alone at times. I know, puberty doesn't help those feelings. But he's an only child, and none of the animals are really bonded to him. Choc is MY dog. He will sit with other people, but when I sit down, he comes to me. No questions. The cats? Well, they just kind of ignore everybody. The bird is no fun, even when she is not in her cage. And Evan has been asking for a dog. One that will be his. One that doesn't look like a rat.

So. My brother adopted a dog in December. He and his wife have always had Boxers. Their latest one died in November, so they went right out and got another. He is a sweetie. He had been chained to a tree and was barely getting a cup of food a day. That is nowhere NEAR enough for a Boxer. He's pretty gentle and will go to sleep standing up if you are petting him. But, he is very jealous of my brother. And last week he jumped on, scratched and growled at my 1 year old nephew. So, they made the decision to find him another home.

Guess who is taking him in? We are picking him up Friday... Meet Wags.


  1. oooh. He's so cute! We love our boxer. He's so sweet and gentle with the kids. They LOVE their owners. I'm sure Evan will be thrilled! Congrats on the new baby! :D

  2. Ohhh I love him! His precious face!!! I want to kiss him!

  3. I grew up with a Boxer and LOVED her. She was awesome. While Evan will be thrilled, the other animals in the house will have a hard adjustment. Especially the inside cat... We are HOPING that he will bond with Evan and be his baby!

    GG - he loves kisses! And he will give the wettest, slobbery kisses you have ever seen!

  4. Evan will be one happy camper. I love Wags!

  5. Aww he's a cutie. I'm sure he and Evan will become best buds. I know growing up I always had a dog and they were always my best friends.

  6. Whata Sweetie!!

    Really want your son and "HIS" dog to truly bond? Get to PetSmart or somewhere similiar and get him in "doggy/puppy" classes -- they are NOT that expensive and they are typically a Saturday morning for a couple of hours.

    Working with this dog one on one will bond them to each other AND will give your son authority over him so the growling, scratching, etc. of people will not happen again.

    Doggy class......true glue....sets up your son as ALPHA dog to this "pack" ~ I am so excited ~ I hope this works beautifully!!!!