Thursday, August 12, 2010

The guts of destruction

What did I do after packing Evan off for his first day 6th grade? And also, his second day?


This is the crap I pulled out before I remembered "before" pics.

Why, yes, that is a steel trap in the floor by his bed. He found it at his great-grandfather's house this summer and HAD to have it. Pawpaw was a hunter/trapper/farmer/fisherman and all around enemy to any animal that could be eaten or that threatened his crops. But he loved his family with a love that was known to all.

The Before pictures. That's what happens when I let things slide for any period of time. Guess that won't be happening again. Now, off to tackle one of MY closets.


  1. That looks amazing. NOW...I want you to post how long it takes to get back to destruction zone ;-)

  2. Oh you are a great Mom! My mother would have (AND DID!!!) put my rear in there and said, "Get busy!"

    I love the dog on the bed!! I know he just laid there and watched you clean!! The picture of Evan and his dog is wonderful!


  3. Girl..This is a cute post! But it never stops..hahahaha. I have a 37 year old that I find I still pick up after. :-) Lord O Lord

    And I agree with GG - how long before this self destructs? :-)

    And I loved what Maggie wrote about the dog watching you clean :-)

  4. Nice work! Was he mad when he got home?
    "MO-Om, where's my ___?" heehee. Sixth graders are good at making 'Mom' into at least a two syllable word.
    The sweet dog on the bed before and after is too cute!

  5. Oh, he knew it was going on before he left for school. I gave him the option - get it done and keep what you want or I'll do it and you may or may not find your favorite things when I'm done. He half-assed it so I took that as permission to throw away anything I wanted. SEVEN trash bags later.... He wasn't upset.

    I'm doing nightly inspections now...pick this up, put this back, take this dirty glass to the kitchen!

  6. OMG can you do my son's room. I swear he never keeps a sheet on his mattress ever and some days I can't even open the door! Great job girl!