Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am going to a wedding this weekend. It's in Mississippi and Mom and I are making it a girl's weekend. We are leaving Friday around noon and won't be back until Sunday. It will be awesome!

It has been YEARS since I've worn a dress. It isn't required for work or church. So, I don't have any in my closet. A few weeks ago I started looking. I found a shirt/skirt combo that would do in a pinch - they are both black, so to me it doesn't really say 'wedding'. But I also found 2 dresses online that I ordered. But I don't know how they look, since I haven't tried them on.

I order things online a lot. I track the packages religiously. Well, as soon as the dresses were shipped, I started tracking. They were shipped via UPS. I was home all day yesterday (Evan was sick). I tracked. Got the glorious status: Out for delivery!!!!! I waited. And I waited. Around 7PM I checked the status. Delivered to the Post Office. Are you kidding me??? I was home all freaking day. Never a knock on the door. So now, I have to wait and see if the Post Office delivers it today. I just hope they decide to leave it...and not wait for a signature. Because I won't be there today. And then I'll have to make a special trip to the Post Office - and it closes at 5. So, not convenient in any way. And the departure time draws closer and closer.

But here is what bothers me... It was to be delivered by UPS, but they leave it for the USPS to do??? When did that crap start?



  1. That does stink! I hate stuff like that!! Especially when you are eletronically watching it!! Had a "major express company" guy insist a few weeks ago that no one was at our office for days and returned an important package -- we have a large account so I got some special treatment....the YAHOO!!! was delivering to the WRONG ADDRESS!!!! (an EMPTY BUILDING! no less!! NOT EVEN CLOSE TO US!) OH WELL!

    Piece of trivia -- I could be ssoo wrong - but I recall hearing that UPS and the USPS somehow work together (i.e., USPS flies UPS's stuff overnight or visa-versa) I am to lazy to look it up -- but it is something like that....


  2. I'm going to ask the age old question - WHY CAN'T ANYTHING BE EASY? Why????