Friday, April 23, 2010


Why are people that are not capable of caring for themselves perfectly able to have child after child?

Yet again, my sister has gone off the rails leaving her husband and my parents to deal with the mess. She is being committed today. Again. Thoughts and statements of suicide. I know she can’t help what goes on in her brain. But she knows that medication helps and she refuses to take it. And knowing that she had these problems, she had 2 children that are innocent. One is 3 and very smart and intuitive– she knows exactly what is going on around her. The other isn’t a year old yet. Oh, and mom found an ovulation kit by her computer today. So is she planning number 3???
So, as my mom and brother-in-law make plans to hospitalize my sister, my sister-in-law and I make plans to help my parents care for the 2 kids. I’m sure this isn’t what mom and dad had in mind when they retired. But we are all lucky that they are healthy and glad to help.


  1. I am so sorry your family is going through this situation. We have several family members who -- on occasion -- spin everyone else's lives completely out of control; while they either go to jail - or go "rest".

    I would give you more details, but I will one day write a book about it ~ 'cuz nobody could make up this stuff! If it were on t.v. it would be funny ~ but it's not ~ and it's not! (SMILE) It amazes me how (ALL OF US) seem to loose our sense of boundaries around family. There would be some serious a$#-whippings if a stranger said or did some of the stuff these folks have to me.......OH, I am so sorry. I do hope there are church members, friends, neighbors who can gather around for support right now.

    It always sounds like so little ~ but it is all I can do for you ~ I'll pray ~ and pray deligently. ~ Maggie B.

  2. Let's all pray for the brother-in-law and help him to see the direction he needs to go. OMGosh.... I really do not know what to say here - but to pray....

  3. so sorry for you and your family and especially the little ones. Glad to hear you are all working together to help. At least those kids have that going for them.

  4. Oh Lisa. My first thought is 'I cannot believe this'. My second thought is...'of course'.

    My thoughts are with you - I certainly can't understand why she won't take medication. I just don't get it.

  5. I hate that you are having to deal with this. So sad to see people who know they need help and refuse to get help. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.