Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello, my name is Lisa...

and I'm a book-a-holic. How did I come to this conclusion? Several things have happened lately that opened my eyes.
  1. I noticed that I have stacks of books in various places around the house. Large stacks in danger of falling over and hurting someone. The stacks are still large despite the fact that I have a ton of books loaned out to different people.
  2. I admitted last night that my bookshelves have become the local library. Need a book? Call Lisa and see if she has it.
  3. I can't keep up with what I have read (or what I own) without a spreadsheet.
  4. I am considering purchasing a Nook. I compared Nook and Kindle and decided that the Nook fits my needs a little better. Because I can still share my books with other people. I like sharing.
  5. I looked at my wishlist at Barnes and Noble... 12 honest-to-goodness paper books with covers and 20 e-books. And I have another wishlist @ Amazon with completely different books - another 9 books.

So, what am I going to do about this addiction? Not a damn thing. There are worse addictions.


  1. Hi Lisa, I am Maggie Beth. Your love, your need, for books has a real name.

    You are a Bibliophile!!! (And I am too - A huge one!! I have loved books since I could hold one and look at the pictures!!)

    I tihnk even the name BIBLIOPHILE sounds cool!!
    I stack books next to my bed, and when they fall, that is fine because somewhere on the bottom, is a book I either (a) wanted to read again, or (b) had been looking for.

    I am anti-Nook (but I also never thought I would learn how to use a laptop without a mouse!) I am anti-Nook because I like to HOLD the book...Feel the book, smell the pages! (I KNOW, I KNOW!! Insane)

    AND is it just me? or does anyone else, think of the word Nookie when they see that!?!?! It is sort of like the first time I saw a Publix store! That disturbed me for weeks! LOL!!!

    I have discovered a little somethin' somethin'!!! I buy books at the thrift store for almost NOTHING (usually pretty recent releases too!) Once I finish them (if I don't want to keep them) I toss them in a box and let the thrift store RE-Sale, the already priced books - everybody wins!

    I have found several "First edtions" and some autographed works! The thrift store does not ALWAYS know what they have (WINK!)


  2. Oh Lisa... Let me tell you... I would read a book..take it to bed with a till it fell out of my hands... then when I awoke, pick up the flashlight and start reading again. To only drop the book again....hahahaha... Ahhhh.. I loved the read!

  3. As a kid, I never loved to read. I just didn't. I could read. Scored off the carts on reading comprehension for a little kid...just didn't find anything that grabbed me. I never picked up a book for fun.
    Now...I'm finding I get all excited when I walk into Barnes and Noble. I've picked up a few books and been able to really get into them. I joined a book club! (which I no longer attend, their books are often too deep! I am not always up for an emotional roller coaster) I turned to my bibliophile (thanks for my new word Maggie Beth!) brother for good book advice. Now I, too, am an addict. Can't get enough. I'm now reading my 8th book this month. More than I read my entire high school career...and I don't think that is an exaggeration.
    Now I get it. At 36, I get it.
    Current favorite, Outlander! Emotionally exhausting at times and more than mildly pornographic in parts but I just can't put it down! heehee

  4. I cannot tell you how EXTREMELY upset I am with number 3. Upset, disturbed....what have you.

    For the love... :-)

  5. I, too, am a bibliophile! But I am a snobby one because if a book doesn't hold my attention in the first 5 chapters or 100 pages (whichever is greater) then I am gets shelved for years until I decide to try again or it gets donated if it is THAT bad. I have also FORCED myself to finish reading books just because I spent money on them. I have one on my Kindle app on my iphone right now. A friend suggested it because I wanted an "intelligent" book to read. It was good in the beginning and part of the way through the middle. Now it is getting slow and I have started reading something else that captures my attention more.

    I like the Twilight books and the Harry Potter books because they were good escapes from reality and both series were very smartly written, as far as plot, etc. If I can read half of a book and figure out the ending by that point, it is no good to me and I will skip to the end to prove I am right and then shelve it. Like I said...I am a book snob. I have shelves and shelves of snobby books that I need to get day...