Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I got a call from my sister-in-law today...the one that just recently read all the Twilight books an was immediately in love. She could barely contain herself... She and I had discussed going to Atlanta to see 100 Monkeys. Because "Jasper" is in the band. But it's the day after Christmas and we really didn't want to do that. BUT. The band has added a stop in Birmingham!!! We are going 12/27! Already got the tix. If anyone in the B'ham area would like to meet us there for a girl's night out, I'm sure it will be a blast! Tix are only $18.53 (tax included). They are playing @ Workplay. I have never been there, but heard good things. If you decide to go, send me a note so I will be looking for you!

100 Monkeys Official Site


  1. How fun!! On FaceBook I took this test to see which "Twilight" character I was most like - JASPER! ~ Not sure what that means......

    I am so excited you are getting to see these guys - AND you don't have to drive to ANOTHER STATE! GOOD for them for comin' to Bham! If Jasper is anything like me - he'll like it here! (SMILE!)

    So excited to hear so many good things are going on! (Write more - Miss you!!) ~ M.B.

  2. I am in favor of any band with a picture of a man in a banana costume. I'm sure Jasper is cute in person. How Fun!