Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How much is that puppy in the window?

Well, the costs of Evan's 'free' dog are adding up fast. The weekend we got him we also got a 10x10 kennel to keep him in while we are at work/school. Not cheap. I even got the 'roof' option so that he would have plenty of shade and protection from the rain. It has a Dogloo in it. He has food and water. It is partially floored (12x12 blocks) so that he doesn't have to be in the mud. He is only in there until 3:00. As soon as Evan gets home, he lets him out.

But this dog is determined to escape. I think I've talked about that before. He learned how to open the gate. When we chained the door in the middle, he put pressure on the bottom of the door until he could fit through. So we added a second chain at the bottom. Then he put his nose through the chain link and wiggled it back and forth until he could fit his head through. So we covered that hole with smaller wire he couldn't get a hold in. Then he moved to another pannel and worked it until he bent the clips holding the chain link to the poles enough that he could get through. We fixed that. Well.

Yesterday I had to leave work at 10 AM to go to the SCHOOL to pick up the dog. We live right behind the school. A few weeks ago when I was out of town, Mike took him out to do his business and he ran away to look for Evan because Evan hadn't spent any time at home. They found him at the school.

Well, yesterday the damn dog broke out and went to school looking for Evan again. A kid in Evan's class heard something outside and looked. Wags was jumping up and looking in windows. The teacher was kind enough to let Evan get the dog and bring him into her classroom until I could come home to get him. Of course, the phone call I got was 'Please come get your dog, he is in Evan's class' with no explanation of how he got there...


  1. Sorry, I'm sure that's so frustrating... But I also think it's really cool! How wonderful that the dog knows where to go to find his boy! ahhh, the love.
    heehee. Sorry. I know, I'm not helpful.
    Our dumb boxer has a 4 foot high chain link kennel (with no top) that he could EASILY clear if he tried. It just never occurred to him to try. You have a smart one! (again, not helpful!)

  2. Awww - the love of Wags for Evan! Love the title and the story!