Monday, November 8, 2010

Evan and Wags. Or the escape artist.

Why, yes, I do let my son wear flip flops for pictures. Yes, I was aware they would be seen. But this is him. Flip flops and all. I would rather he be wearing what he wants to wear. And yes, I'm practicing answering these questions because I know they will be coming. From my mom AND mi MIL.


  1. So adorable. Really great pictures!! Flip Flops included. :D

  2. I think the fact that you let him be himself is priceless. That is such a great lesson to teach him! And I'm with you....

    I've already done my christmas cards for this year and I'm ready for some slack from my chosen photos from my mother, Mimi. Why? Because Coco's mouth is wide open instead of smiling. But that is how I see Coco when she is really excited. I want to remember people for who they were not what society may have wanted them to pretend to be.

    Whew - where did that rant come from?

  3. You are one 'fantastic' photographer! Love the pictures!