Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun for the holidays!

This is NOT a paid ad. This is just my opinion on something that everybody else probably already knows about!

I have a new favorite website I want to share with EVERYBODY. It's awesome wrapped in fun! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love pictures. But I've never had a really EASY way to edit photos - until now. The website is It is so much fun! Here is a sample of what you can do:

I took a simple picture, added a santa hat, snow, Rudolph nose, and some clippy-art kind of things. Then I went back and made some of the picture in color. This is just a tiny sample.
All you have to do is sign up for an account. There is a TON of free stuff on the site, but some stuff you have to have a 'premium' account for. But it's all labled so there is no confusion.

You can edit as much or as little as you want, save the picture to your computer and print in your usual way -  From your printer, or load to what every website you use - Walmart, Target, Shutterfly, Snapfish... whatever. You can add the pictures to the 'photobooks' or print them individually. I took one picture, added a 'tag', edited it a bit and had them printed - I'm using them for gift tags on presents.  


  1. Miss Know it do NOT miss much! Damn I miss you.... lunch next week? E mail me....I'll come to you my darling...

  2. I did not know about that. Sounds cool! I'll have to try it...

  3. I just can't believe how easy and cool it is! I have had so much fun with it! I've even let Evan play around with it a bit.