Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's that time of year, again!

I love Christmas. I love the decorations. I love buying presents. I love getting together with family and letting the kids play. I love all that stuff. The one thing I don't love? The fact that my calendar fills up so fast and my energy is down the tubes because I'm not sleeping!

Sample schedule: This week, the only night I will have at home with no running around will be tonight. That's it. And if Evan doesn't finish his homework before I pick him up...well, I won't have time to get anything done tonight. Monday night Evan had a project to complete - and part of the project included ME making a cake and cupcakes. Tuesday was the band concert - beginning band. Yes, it was bad. Tonight? Free. Thursday, basketball practice - 7:30 to 9:00. Friday, I can't remember, but I'm sure there is something. Saturday, 2 basketball games and the Christmas Parade.

But that activity part of being a parent. It wears me out, but it's worth it.

Family gatherings. I love them. Except for the drama. My sister is trying to plan our family's event at her house on Christmas Eve. That's all well and good for me. But my brother has issues because they have small kids and have to get home in time to do Santa and their Christmas Eve traditions. We can't do it earlier in the day because my husband has to work. So, how are we going to compromise? Sister already feels like Brother doesn't love her, so if they just don't come then Sister will wind up in tears. Then we have to deal with Hubby's side of the family. This year we are doing it at our house on the 23rd. I don't work that day, so I can get the house ready and cook dinner. And now hubby's sister-in-law informs me that she's bringing her brother. Truthfully, I would rather have him there than her. But, does that also mean she is bringing her dad? So he won't be alone? Because, if that's the case, I may get "sick" and not be able to have it at our house. I can put up with a lot, but he is an ass. I will not allow him to act in MY home the way he does in hers (goes through everything - drawers, cabinets, mail - complains).

But I love seeing Evan's face when he opens his presents. I LOVE taking pictures of everybody. I love watching my cat go crazy with the paper and bows.  I love cooking breakfast Christmas morning. Which reminds me...anybody have any good brunch type recipes?


  1. A grown man going through drawers? WTF. I had to read that 3 times...

    I love Christmas too but not this year. Not at all. As a matter of fact I may have to counter your blog with one of my own about hating it for the first time ever.

    And I love taking photos too however have lost my 2nd camera ...wait Coco is throwing up. GG out - LMAO!!!!!!

  2. Never mind - false alarm on the throw up... see, thing are looking up!

  3. Enjoy your family - every roller-coaster second! Embrace the craziness! (SMILE) Makes life more fun! I wish you a Merry, love, laughter, blessing-filled Christmas! ~ Maggie Beth

  4. Guess I have a "PS" too --- if someone's hand got slammed in a drawer I bet it would stop... Just sayin......Or better yet - put signs in your drawers that say, "It is rude to look through other people's stuff." -- "What did you think you would find?!" You are creative I am certain you can come up with some others...(WINK~)

  5. oooh, I like Maggie Beth's idea! Leave notes around the house in places he shouldn't be. Some people just suck.
    I agree with you that I love most of Christmas but it all is so rushed! I wish I could squeeze more in but then I am too exhausted to enjoy any of it.
    Take your time and do what makes you happy and remember to say NO! when you want to. It is ok to say no. Even to family...maybe especially to family! ;-D