Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Step 2: Learn how to cut

Well, you would think that since I can already sew, I would know how to cut material. Apparently not. See, the new thing is rotary cutters. Not scissors. So we had a lesson on that. And sewing a straight line. But I did get 8 squares made...only 17 more to do for homework. I'll put pictures up this weekend after I do my homework.

It's interesting, but I wish I was the only person in the class. There are now 2 others in there. One lady is fine. As a matter of fact, she and I discovered we work for the same company. We have seen each other in the hallway, but never actually met. The other lady. Well. It's the lady from the first class. She could do nothing right. She came in late and still had to set up her materials. She couldn't get her machine to sew a straight line. She cut her finger on the rotary cutter (it's like a round razor blade). When the other lady and I were packing up, she was still trying to cut her material. The shop closes at 8... the teacher had her coat on and her purse on her arm. This lady paid no attention to any of that. I have no idea what time they left. Maybe next week will be a little smoother.

Oh, and Mike really helped out last night. He picked Evan up from after-school care, fixed dinner, swept the floors, vacuumed the rugs, cleaned the bathroom floors and changed the litter box.


  1. Cutting a straight line is not a strong skill for me. I'm not sure how I ever made it out of Kindergarten. Maybe I would do better with a rotary cutter? I'm not sure quilting would be my thing, but then, I can't seem to finish any project I start these days.
    I can't wait to see the beautiful quilt YOU make! :D

  2. All of this is (obviously) too complicated for me. For the love.

  3. Ok. I admit it. I can't get my mind off the lady in the class. I want you to take a camera and pretend you are going to take a snapshot of your materials and at the last moment tilt the camera and get a candid photo of this lady.

    And honestly, you DO know her entire life has been a disaster. I would also stay way away from her in the parkinglot - you know she can't drive worth a shit.....

  4. GAWD love her - somehow I can relate to her -- In fact, I KNOW I have BEEN her at times. So sorry - I know it is frustrating - but you are learning cool stuff......

  5. BTW - as a lefty I never did learn to TRULY cut correctly -- I do it with my right hand....I can't cut a straight line! I would probably lose a finger with the round cutters.....