Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

I've been trying to stay busy lately - it hasn't been that hard. Last weekend we started spring cleaning (gross) and rearranging furniture. I actually reclaimed the bedroom that turned into a craft room that turned into a junk room. It is now back to being a bedroom - with a sewing table. I made a niece a toy bag - it's pretty cool. When you let the draw string out, it flattens out into a circle - a play mat. When you are done, throw all the toys on the mat, pull the string, and the toys are put away. Pretty neat! I tried to find the link to the tutorial I used, but I can't. If I find it later, I'll update this post. Here is the link to the tutorial!

I also have plans to make a pillowcase dress for her! Hope she likes it!


  1. You are such a natural! Either you have the ability to sew or you don't - I know that for a fact!

  2. I just like things where I can see immediate results. Just wait till you see the dress. I'm almost done with it... The only reason I stopped last night was .... it was Evan's bedtime and the machine would keep him awake.

  3. Tinker Bell & Purple!! OMGA! Two of my most favorite things!!!