Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It seems like the only thing I've been blogging about lately is sewing. I guess that's mostly because that's what is going on right now. The only drama is drama I can't blog about because it isn't specifically MY drama. Some of it spills over into my life, and I gripe about it and worry about it, but it isn't really my drama to put out there. Evan is doing great - besides (at times) being a hormonal brat. We are down to the last grading period - soon school will be out for summer! That's really all that is going on.

I DO have a friend that is pregnant - but she doesn't know this blog exists, so I feel pretty safe putting up pictures of the baby quilt I'm making. Can't put it up on Facebook - she would see it and her shower is next week. So, why am I just now making this blanket??? Well, let's just say that Evan gets his procrastination skills honestly.

It starts out as a bunch of squares sewn into pairs....
 Then you pair up the pairs into 4s...
 Then I have to find some semblance of order. See...it's supposed to be randomly assembled. I can't do that. I just can't.
 And pinning part of the inner border is as far as I got tonight.
Tomorrow I add more squares to the outside, then I start quilting!!!


  1. Pretty colors.
    The procrastination sounds so like something I would do.
    I always say "If it isn't the last minute I don't have time to do it yet."
    Even I don't know exactly what that means but it makes sense to the procrastinator in me. HAHA. Have fun with the quilt!

  2. Honey Child (as we say in the south).... You REALLY need to do some work, make a collection and have a sale at your house. People can buy what they want if it is the right size OR put an order in for what they want. You'd be busy, paid and having fun!?

  3. Oh...and I'd say to make some bed size quilts - they are supposed to be the upcoming rage in home decorating from a few articles I've seen. Just sayin.

  4. OKAY - you officially have the patience of Job. I can not begin to tell you the mishmosh that I would create in the name of "Quilting!" --- LOVE IT! What a wonderful talent!!!