Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teenage boys...they will be the death of my grocery planning!

This past weekend Evan had a friend over - one who had never been over before. A sweet kid - Evan has been to his house and we have taken this boy on some adventures - skating, bowling, etc. Anyway, they had been playing video games for a while and came out of the cave for drinks and snacks (oh, how snacks and teenage boys will KILL your grocery budget!). I heard the boys laughing in the kitchen so I went in to see what was so funny. Well, Evan was laughing at his friend because he had never seen ice cube trays before. We don't have an ice maker (we don't have enough water pressure to push the water through the hose - it freezes before it gets to the maker) - we just use trays. It was just unreal to me that he had never seen them before!

I'm ready for school to start back - just a few more days and we can get back into a routine. Since Evan has now quit guitar lessons, we can acutally have a normal Saturday! We can have friends over on Friday night after football games. We can do things on Saturdays that I used to have to get done during the week. We can plan parties for the college (Roll Tide!!!) games!!! I'm already working on my game day menu for Evan and his friends....

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