Thursday, September 8, 2011

I think I've fallen off the edge of the earth

This summer flew by way too fast. School has started and it feels like I accomplished nothing this summer. That bedroom I wanted to arrange? Still a disaster. Craft projects? Started, but not completed. Seeing friends? Well, THAT I did accomplish, though not as much as I would like.

Sips And Storkes with LW - she is the person that introduced me to my dear husband. She gets a lot of blame when I'm mad.
I also went to see 100 Monkeys again - and they were just as good the second time, if not better. Love, love, love the Monkeys. And they had 2 bands with them that were awesome - so I have new music to listen to. Now, I just need to get ready for the Foo Fighters in Atlanta!!!

One project that I did finish (though not before school started) was getting Evan's hair cut. I've always said that I didn't care if his hair was long - as long as it was clean and neat. Well, when puberty hit, neat went out the window. The longer it grows, the more body it has in it. And by body, I mean giant curls that can't be tamed. And another problem - he has SO MUCH hair that it wouldn't dry. The Before pics are at least an hour after he showered and his hair is STILL WET. It looks like he has gel in it, but no. Just water.

So, I turned to Peter - the most awesome hair guy ever. Evan thinks that whatever Peter says is law, so all I had to do was let Peter know that I wanted it shorter and voila, instant success that Evan is happy with. Excuse the goofy look. He wouldn't quit being silly.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! And I can tell from the look EVEN he likes it!!!