Sunday, April 3, 2011


Just in time for the baby shower on Wednesday...

It was a very exciting weekend...sewing and fixing a broken waterline. Yeah. All day Sunday with no water. At least Mike was able to fix it - for that I am thankful. Not having to call a plumber is priceless.

Oh, there was one bit of excitement. Or aggravation. Depends on how I want to look at it. Saturday I was taking a quick shower before Mike and I went to get pedicures. Yes, that's what I got Mike for his birthday. Anyway, I came out of the shower to see little blood spots on a throw pillow. So I investigate. I found Wags and he had a little cut on his muzzle. No biggie. Or so I thought. Then I went to the room where I had sorted the laundry. Of course, Wags had gone to the pile of light clothes to rub his cut. On Every. Single. White. Item. Every. Single. Item. All of Mike's work shirts. Evan's school clothes. Socks. It looked like a scene from a slasher movie. So, I took a deep breath, I treated one shirt with my normal name brand stuff and ran out. So, while we were out, I went to Dollar Tree. They have amazing cleaning stuff. There is a stain remover - Laundry Pre-Treat Awesome. When we got home, I treated everything except the one shirt I had already treated. Guess what got clean?? Everything except the shirt I used the name brand stuff on.


  1. That is a pretty crazy weekend! The blanket is lovely! Lucky baby and mama.

  2. Ok SERIOUSLY....Just start making stuff. Every spare minute of every day. Sew, sew, sew. Then have a sale. That's all I'm saying. I'll be there.

  3. I see a 'Martha Stewart' in the making... Love the blanket and you really need to fill us in on the products you are using. Glad you got the stains out!

  4. LOVE the blanket! OOPPS QUILT! Beautiful! I can see this being handed down for generations.