Sunday, May 1, 2011

We are all safe and sound....and these are NOT my pictures....And this is somewhat of a downer post

Well, it has been a long, stressful few days in the South. Particularly Alabama. Everyone I know is safe - some have damaged homes, no power, etc. But they are alive. Not everyone was so lucky. I know of 3 teenage girls who lived, but watched their parents die. Their Grandmother is taking care of them now.  

The small town where my Dad grew up has been wiped out. It isn't getting much news play just because they haven't gotten to it yet. Right now they are finding body parts. "Officially" they are listing 3 dead. It's more like 50.  In a town of only 600, that's a pretty big percentage. All of the buildings in town are gone - every store, every school, every doctor's office. Here is a video of the damage.

These pictures are from a friend - she USED to live in the middle of the woods. Not so much anymore.  She has trees on her house, but her cars are OK and now that the trees have been cleared to the side of the road, they can get out some. She came over Friday night to do laundry, dishes, shower, etc. They don't have power OR water. But they are all safe. She said that the outpouring of help has just amazed her. Her nephew (who works for the power company in the southern part of the state) came up the day after the storm and started helping get the power lines in order so that when they DO get power back to the area, she will be ready. Several friends came with him with chain saws and supplies. Someone she doesn't even know loaned them a generator - her nephew was hooking that up Friday night. Her daughter was coming home from Texas to help. When she went to pick up her paycheck (she had just been with this company for ONE WEEK) they loaded her truck up with supplies they would need - water, non-perishables, etc. Another nephew works at the local W@l-M@rt. He went to get some supplies for them and the store wouldn't let him pay for a thing - loaded his truck up. I have a feeling that we will hear more and more stories like this.


  1. You are right, I've heard no mention of Hackleburg. None. And that video speaks volumes without saying a word. I remain in shock. So many people want to help. Can you get me some information to help this area in particular?

  2. Right now, I don't know where the efforts are being handled. I'll call tonight and see if one of my uncles knows.

    My cousin's wife works in a doctor's office that was wiped out. A trailer is being delivered today - hopefully they can get it up and limping with generators.

    One thing I didn't hear about until last night - the Methodist Church (where my Dad and Grandpop went to church) was one of the few structures undamaged. And the cemetary is intact - no headstones disturbed.

  3. I am just the opposite - I have heard Hackelburg mentioned several times in the last two days. I call that a "sign" - One was a news story on NPR (Alabama) I'll look for it and link it to you. That said...I have desprately wanted to volunteer but can find no where because there are too many volunteers.
    I would love to volunteer for a small
    communities not getting a lot of media play. God has blessed with many gifts and talents - and money to make my bills so time and talents would have to be what I volunteer........please let me know some contacts......