Monday, May 23, 2011

My Precious Angel

This was a wild weekend. Since I only have a boy, I have to borrow my nieces from time to time. One, I only have occasional access to. The other? I can get her any time I want - I wish she was mine.

But what I love the most is when she requests me!!! This past weekend was La's very first dance recital. Her Aunt Lara and I had planned to go together. Well, La is 4 - and very much the girly girl. Right now, she and my nephew are staying with my parents. Mom has taken over 'dance' duty - taking her to and from class, making sure she has all the stuff she needs.  Thursday after dance, she informed my mom that Aunt Lisa would be doing her make up for the recital because she does a better job. Good thing Mom's skin is as thick as mine! So, I called Aunt Lara and we changed our plans. She just met us there and acted as photographer! I was in charge of hair and make up, Mom was in charge of costumes. And now, I will indulge in photos!

We wrapped her in a blanket to avoid getting make up on her costume... Do you know how hard it is to put mascara on those little blond lashes?
 And lipstick on those little lips? Especially since she either wanted to pucker or talk.
 Of course, she wanted to give me some color. On my neck.
 Here we are double teaming her... Yes, that's my Mom. Love, love, love her.
 And here she is, ready for the stage!
 And after the first number (theme from Beauty and the Beast) there was a costume change.... This one suits her personality...
 They danced to Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys. She LOVED that one!
 After it was over, she got her flowers from Aunt Lara and Aunt Lisa... Papa brought her some gorgeous roses from his garden, my mom had her a little ballerina figurine and her dad had her a teddy bear wearing a tutu. She was exhausted!

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  1. How absolutely wonderful!! There is nothing like the love and 'favor' of a child!! I grinned through the whole post and pictures ~ so glad you shared Prissy Missy with us...She is a doll-baby!!