Thursday, May 12, 2011


Time is slipping away so fast. Yesterday it really hit me just how fast the past 2 years have flown. So much has been going on, and I've learned so much.

Exactly 2 years ago today, I had a port placed in my chest for chemo treatments. Yesterday I had it removed. It brought home the news that I WILL be ok - after all, if they thought I would need it, they would have left it in. As a matter of fact, I wanted to keep it a while longer - just in case. But my oncologist insisted I have it removed. So, I did. It's a little sore, a little tender. No big deal.

Also, I no longer have a little boy. I have a young man. With body hair. And an attitude. He's 12 - and alrealy taller than I am. He and his dad wear the same size shorts (waist size). His feet are bigger than his dad's. He likes a girl, but he's too shy to talk to her. But he makes sure his hair is done, his teeth are brushed and his clothes look nice before he leaves for school. You know, for her. ACK!!!

6th grade was harder than I thought it would be. It started off really rough. Kids can be cruel. Especially to children who are a little different (tall, short, fat, skinny, smart, slow). Anything outside the 'norm' brings the taunts and name calling. Believe me, things like that impact a child's outlook on everything - especially their self-worth. It takes a lot more to build a child back up than it does to tear one down.

Work has been ... busy. Like most companies, we have seen a little downsizing. That translates into everyone doing a little/lot more with less. But, when things are busy, the day doesn't drag by.

Reading. I've read more books over the past 2 years than at any point in my life. Just since last July (when I purchased my Nook) I have purchased and read 60+ ebooks. Plus a few 'real' books have been purchased and read.

I've learned who my friends are - who I can trust - who I can count on (even if I've never met the person in real life). I've also learned that it's ok to cut someone out of your life if they hurt your heart beyond repair.

I've also learned to ask for help. It used to KILL me to ask for help from anyone. It made me feel weak - like I wasn't good enough. But really, when people know you are going through something, they WANT to help.  It does't just help you, it helps them feel a little less helpless.

I've also learned that you don't have to WAIT for someone to ask for help. Just do something. No matter how simple it seems to you (bringing over a pot of spaghetti) it will mean the world to them.

My favorite quote: “Develop interest in life as you see it; in people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.” - Henry Miller


  1. That is a great quote. And also some great lessons. I am happy to hear your doctor encouraged you to take that out. I can only imagine (or maybe I can't even imagine)... but I'm so happy for you, none the less.
    Time does go so fast. Thanks for sharing little bits of it all with us!
    (Hugs to you)

  2. I can't decide how to say what I want to say ~ but if I could it would go something like this: What a wonderfully powerful positive outlook you have. I am not ignorant enough to think that outlook is easy or is there 110% of the time ~ but it is powerful. You have a strength and an insight I lack...I learn much simply by observing you ~ and I know for a FACT you practice what you preach......And, yes, time moves faster than I like........

  3. Only Maggie Beth can come up with the most perfect things to say at the perfect times! Having that port removed was certainly saying goodbye to a harsh chapter in life. In my opinion wayyy too much happened to you during this period of your life. Life lessons galore. I'm very happy we are on this end of this past season and I can truly say I don't think you lived life until 2 years ago. I won't give away your age but you know the birthday....THAT day woke you up. You've explored and challenged yourself since then. You truly know who you are and how damn powerful you are. Goodbye to that season....but in a strange way - I bet you are thankful for it....

  4. Ya'll are so kind!

    And Gigi - you are right. Maggie Beth always knows what to say. Even if she doesn't think she has that gift - she so does!