Friday, October 9, 2009

Am I Old?

OK, here's the deal. My whole life I've been very lucky when it comes to my skin. I've used Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (if you want to piss off the prissy little girls behind the Clinique counter, ask for the yellow lotion - they will correct you every time) and make up since I was 13. I've always had combination skin. Never had to use moisturizer on my body - used hand lotion, maybe some stuff on my arms if I got too much on my hands. Never had problems with breakouts on my face - even though I NEVER took off my make-up. Lucky, I tell you.

But now...the skin on my face is so dry it hurts. My arms and legs are dry. Dry. To the point where I have had to completely re-do my products. I am now using Cetaphil soap and lotion. And when I say lotion - I mean cream. It's the texture of cold cream. My skin is so dry that I can use this cold cream like stuff and within 10 minutes my skin feels perfectly normal, maybe even a little dry. I can use it under make-up and not look oily.

But my question is... is this change because I'm getting older? I just turned 40. Or is it a temporary side-effect of the chemo? I'm hoping for the side-effect angle to I can look forward my skin getting back to normal!


  1. No Sweetie! Your not getting older. Sounds like a temporary thing - which is good :)

  2. I have heard of this happening from chemo. I think it changes a lot of things happening with your body, from what I have heard. I think it will go back to normal before long.

  3. I'm voting on chemo too. And you will be back to normal sooner than later at this point. Whatever in the hell 'normal' is.


    Here is the GREAT thing.... YOU get to define normal. Think about that for a minute. The entire world is in your hands.

  4. Hey could be worse, you could be turning 40 and find out your pregnant like I did and then my ENTIRE body went out of whack. You just wait til you get your whole new body back girl, you'll have vibrant new hair, silky skin, and a LOT of other "new" things.

    Look out world, here she comes!!