Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girlfriend rules

I honestly thought that I would be writing a blog about how KISS rocked tonight. I've worked my ass off all week trying to get things ready. Making sure the house was ready for the company we would be having before the concert. Making sure I had enough rest because it's only a week after my last treatment and I'm fucking tired. And KISS really did rock. They put on an awesome show. I don't know how old men like that can move the way they do. But they were incredible.

But what I REALLY want to talk about is the unspoken rule that most females know.

A little background. There were 7 of us going. Me, my husband, husband's friend, a male friend of mine and 3 girlfriends. My male friend is T. My first love. The one I'm REALLY not over, even though I say I am. One of my girlfriends is A. Recently divorced. Needed some fun, so I invited her. And KNOWS HOW I FEEL ABOUT T. Thought she would be good with husband's friend.

Boy, was I fucking wrong. By the third song A and T were making out. By the end of the evening...well, right now they are at his hotel and I'm writing this.

So, here is the unspoken rule - I shall speak it: Don't fuck your friend's ex because even if they say they are over him, they probably aren't.

One day I'll write about how it isn't fair to my husband that I'm having these feelings. But not tonight. Tonight, I'll just cry myself to sleep and get ready for tomorrow morning when they come back to the house for breakfast.


  1. If I'm following you right.... it's hard to let go. (If I am correct). We all have that one person who rocked our world. Only you know how to handle this. Hate the fact that (we) have such feelings. I can relate.

  2. You got it, it's hard to let go. But I didn't expect to have a 'friend' help me with the decision ... right in front of my face.

    But, it did help me put everything in a little box, put it in a closet and move the hell on.

  3. I tried to leave a comment earlier and the f-ing internet service shut down.

    Well JaysMom made me cry. You've made me cry. I've cried about MI. Then I went to Organic Meatbag's site today and laughed... until I fucking cried.

    TIRED of crying.

    I love you. And Finding Me is right... only you can handle this. or can know how to handle it. And he will help you in that situation. I'm sure he had some major thoughts on his drive back today, don't you? So even if things went too fast and unexpectedly Saturday....he has no excuse now. He will have time to think (despite the funeral).

    The next 7 days will tell you a lot.


  4. Well, this is my strategy. Sit and wait. After she left today and he came back, it was very strange. I think he wanted to talk to me...he had that 'look' - like the words were there, but the opportunity wasn't. The house was full of people. I was just polite. A perfect little hostess.

    While he was at the hotel checking out he talked to his sister...I would be willing to bet he told her what happened. I would also be willing to bet she told him what he did. What he really did. And you are right. He had a 2 hr drive to get to the funeral...a time he would normally be texting me. Silence.

    The next few days will be interesting.

  5. She was probably desperate and didn't care who she hooked up with. That really sucks though that she wouldn't think of your feelings though. *hugs*