Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend

This weekend was very relaxing. I had a pretty good bit of energy, so I did some house cleaning that has been ignored. That made me feel a bit better. Then I went to Homestead Hollow. It's a big arts and crafts festival that is held in our little town 3 times a year. I went Saturday with my Mother-in-law and her sister. That was OK, but rambling around with 2 old women isn't always a lot of fun. I like to stroll in an out of almost every booth. Them? Not so much. So Sunday, I took Evan.

You would think a 10 yr old boy wouldn't enjoy that too much...but he and I had the best time. We went early, so we wandered around for a while then went to the food section and got a funnel cake for breakfast. Yeah, I know. But it's no worse than doughnuts. While we were eating, he actually thanked me for taking him. He told me he was glad we were getting to spend some quality time together.
But I have a feeling these sweet times are about to become rare. Puberty is on its way. The signs are all there...I'm just waiting for the explosion. But we will handle this, just like we handle everything else around here - one ticking time bomb at a time. And yes, in the upper right hand corner, those are civil war soldiers @ a camp site.


  1. I tried to comment yesterday from home but our computer sucks. I just wanted to tell you to copy the embed code on yourtube and paste it in your post to have the video on here.

    And I'm glad he still likes to hang with his momma. Maybe he won't turn into a demon spawn. Who knows. LOL

  2. You know, he may become a pubescent alien creature soon, but I'll bet you'll still get little glimpses of your sweet boy. He won't be able to show you those when you are expecting them, or when anyone else is watching but they'll be there...and he'll be back in a few years, no doubt.
    Sounds fun. Glad you are feeling somewhat energetic.

  3. Hey Girl - it's buttercup (Michelle) - Glad to see you are back - can't believe how big Evan is - and isn't it great they still want to spend time with us.

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time!

  5. Trust me. Your son will never forget nor not want to hang out with his mom. Sounds mushy and corny but so true. I've come back to Michigan and am hanging out with my son (36 years of age) we loa off! And are enjoying our hanging out together. So what I'm saying is - is that it never ends. Aren't children wonderful? :)