Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Gene

Now that I've settled down some, I can talk about the concert. I've never seen a band put on a SHOW like KISS. Buckcherry was the opening act, but I only know 2 of their songs. They were good, but there was no doubt that KISS was the main attraction.

KISS played for a good hour, but didn't play a lot of songs I knew. Gene blew fire and spit blood. Paul pranced around the stage and wiggled his ass. They rocked. Then the left the stage. I knew there would be an encore. They came back for the encore and played another full hour. This time, I knew just about every song. Gene was lifted on wires to above the lights. Paul flew across the audience to another stage. There was a confetti explosion during one song. They ended with Detroit Rock City. I don't think I've screamed and danced so much in years.

The crowd. There were so many people dressed like KISS - face paint and all. And there were a lot of toothless freaks that probably spent their last dime on tickets. But everyone was having a good time! But my very favorite person in the crowd was a 5 year old sitting behind us. That's right. 5 years old. He was dressed - wig, make up, costume - like Gene Simmons. He rocked ALL NIGHT LONG! He played air guitar like a pro and he knew all the songs - every time I looked back at him, he was singing along. Here he is, in all his glory - Little Gene:


  1. Awesome! What a lil rocker Dude :)

  2. that kid is KICKASS. seriously.

  3. Holy crap! I've finally made it to your blog to see this!